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  • Alg Seaweed


    alg Seaweed is Australia’s newest and fastest growing seaweed brand started by Sarah Leung, dietitian in Melbourne. 

    While seaweed may not seem an obvious choice for your dog or cat’s diet, it’s actually the ultimate health complement.

    Seaweed is one of the most nutrient-dense and environmentally-sustainable crops on the planet. In addition to being one of the richest sources of minerals and protein (amino acids), seaweed also possesses a range of medicinal characteristics, including anticancer and anti-inflammatory activity and can produce thicker, shinier coats, enhanced immunity and energy as well as improved digestion.

    Seaweed  has a very long history of being included in animal food. Early animal caretakers observed that feeding their animals seaweed resulted in advantages such as improved coat shine, greater resistance to infection, as well as increased reproduction in farmed animals.

    It wasn't until more recently that scientists began to understand why seaweed is so healthy for animals (as well as humans). It turns out that seaweeds are a rich source of chelated minerals -- in fact, seaweed contains 10 to 20 times the concentration of minerals found in land plants, and are in a form that is more easily absorbed.