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Equi Enbiotic

Equi Enbiotic

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​Why Use Equi Enbiotic?

Animals have an extremely complex collection of bacteria, some are beneficial and some are potentially pathogenic. Under challenging conditions such as stress, travelling and antibiotic therapy, the natural balance of digestive tract bacteria can be altered. Leading to digestive challenges including diarrhea, constipation and discomfort.

Dose Rates:
Horses only 300g
Maintenance rate: 3g per day
Competition animals: 5 g per day
Acute conditions: 5 g per day

Probiotics helps restore microflora balance in the gut to appropriate levels, improves the overall health of the animal, stimulates the immune response and assists in


​We Recommend Using Equi Enbiotic:

  • ​When travelling and during periods of stress.

  • At weaning and other feeding changes.

  • During and following antibiotic therapy.

  • Whenever immune support in needed.

  • As part of an overall health maintenance program.

  • When digestive upsets occur.

Probiotics are a proven method of modifying the gastrointestinal microbiota. Probiotics prevent and treat a range of diseases.